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Relationships made easy

Smart things are always simple. Question – why do we make it so complicated?
There are almost always two main components to a relationship – you and the other person (unless by some unknown reason you enjoy being in relationship by yourself). When relationships don’t work out, what do you do?
1. Blame the other guy
2. Blame yourself
3. Get out
Bottom line is we always find one defective component  that needs to be eliminated or/and replaced. Why? Generally, when both components are defective, relationship doesn’t exist.
Let me ask you this – you have a bike. One tire blows up, what do you do? Do you throw away the entire bike and purchase another one or do you simply replace the tire? Smart things are always simple. You do know that if you have at least a gram of common sense. It gets more complicated when the emotions are involved. When the bike with a blown tire produces such bad memories, whether it killed something/someone you loved, or it destroyed your life in some way or another, you will use the blown tire as a perfect excuse to finally get rid of it. Even so, why would you get another bike? Brand new, memory free, it has an equal potential to do the same damage once again – this is what bikes do for a living, unwillingly. But if the tire is the only dent on that bike  - you replace the tire and continue to ride it.
My point is – don’t lie to yourself. When you are honest you’ll realize that no one is perfect, not you, not your partner, no one. Give everyone room to be imperfect. That’s what people do. By realizing so lots of stress will go away – now you don’t have to pretend to be perfect either – because you not. You can be yourself.
Remember your first few dates? So much act, so much desire to be liked. Forget that. Be yourself. And when you really are and truly honest with yourself, and you have your own “ME” all figured out – cut on the dotted line and rotate 180 degrees.
If you can’t make  ”ME” work, “WE” will never be happy.

Candy Shop

When listening to carefully filtered media, one must remember that the pattern portrayed on the screen  always “depends” on which side it is being portrayed from. It is important to have a mind of your own to avoid to be “dragged” to the wrong direction.









Our cultural differences are nothing but the same flavored candy in a different color wrapping. Tastes the same, smells the same once you try it.  Yet looks and costs so different. Of course we can arguing that until the foam starts coming out of our mouth, but going back to basic human values we would realize and admit how similar we are, how similar the goals for our children are. We would also realize that nothing more that a simple respect to the candy wrapping and a few grams of open mindedness a day would do miracles, prevent wars, promote peace, and erase ignorance.  The only people that benefit from arousing the need for highly expressed cultural differences are political and religious leader, those allied with large financial institutions, that make money on manipulating human lives in every way possible. Those who will send their children to war if they have to as long as the power stays in their hands.Those who are the type of a bitter candy coming from the same manufacture, wrapped in a different paper. When I see a Muslim man, I see a father who works hard to support the family, like many others. When I see a terrorist – I see a politician who works hard on acquiring as much money and power as possible sacrificing human lives to be able to rule over human lives. When I see a crook politician, white, black, purple, Russian or American, – I see a terrorist, who would sacrifice lives of others, mine or yours, to achieve the same goals as the terrorist would.

You see, not all candies are bad. But it’s about time to stop focusing on the color and design of the wrapping paper that the media keeps feeding us with, and start paying attention to what the candy actually tastes like. And you will never know until you try for yourself.

Katy told me she is there to support her daughter, a young college graduate, 22, who is stuck with a low paying job on a jobless market and a high monthly student loan payment that does not seem to go away anytime soon. Most of her daughters friends are on the same boat. Katy strongly believes that government can stimulate the economy by “forgiving” the student loan debt. Instead, students and graduates will be able to spend the same money on a mortgage payment, bringing the “housing market” up.

“None of my daughter’s friends are married”, – Katy shared.  ”And they probably won’t be anytime soon.” Poverty is only romantic in the movies and books. Weddings and babies are pretty much a luxury in this country.

“Occupy together…”

Looking at the “Occupy together” movement that sparkles country after country around the world, I see the donations started pouring to support the protestors. And I cannot help but think of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, hoping that maybe, JUST MAYBE, this time the power and the money will not corrupt the “smart pigs” who would lead the rest of the “farm” to so-wanted freedom instead of making full circle back to slavery.

The Island of Santorini

                                    Dedicated to T & K



The Island of Santorini…Where the beer and the bank share the same name, where the bottle of water costs more than a case, where the sunsets are the most gorgeous in the world, where every waiter speaks five languages or more.

The island of Santorini… Where the vegetables and φέτα are always fresh, where I tried and I knew that I love φραπέ, where the streets are narrow but you won’t get lost, where the local white wine smells like provolone.

The island of Santorini… Where all men owe a restaurant or at least a hotel, where the planes fly from Athens three times a day, where the women are topless sunbathe at the beach, where the cops are invisible like they got bleached.

The island of Santorini… where all the shops and restaurants are named after me, where the water’s so clear that you won’t believe, where the food is accompanied by the tastiest bread, where my friends got married at the sunset…

…On the Island of Santorini.

Positive Thought of the Day: Sept. 14

‘I need a vacation’ is the most common phrase that I hear among my acquaintances after “I hate my job”. How so, folks? Let’s look at both of them one at a time, although they are linked to each other with a big chunk of glue.

Vacation…  I have a friend who moved to a vacation spot to work and now needs a vacation. I have a friend who goes to visit her family in her home country and feels like she is  working. I also have friends who never take vacation. They take “business trips”.   I know people who don’t visit new cities, they look for “properties”. They ARE going on vacation but they let someone else pay for it. Taking vacations like this are tax deductible. Taking vacations like this are healthy and economic choices. I never take vacations. It’s always business, conference, research or else.

Tomorrow I’m going to Europe for a week. No, it’s not a vacation. It’s my friend’s wedding. And I can assure you I will probably get some work done as I travel. Folks, there is nothing wrong with working. Just make sure the work you do makes you feel productive. Progress and productivity are the necessary attributes of human happiness. You cannot be happy if you are not productive. And if you are – something is wrong with you. I agree there is sometimes this guilty pleasure in not doing anything kind  of  day – guilty myself, when it lasts a day or two. People – be productive! That will keep you positive.

There is a reason why I don’t do certain types of jobs. If you do them, i’m glad, because someone has to. I personally need to wake up every morning looking forward to an accomplishment and go to sleep  feeling accomplished. I need that every single day. No wonder 95% population are pure pessimists. (Why 95%? I just like the number) No wonder 95% population hate their jobs. I don’t. And I am not 95%.   Are you?

Well, even if you are, then at least be a bartender today. Make a better cocktail today. Take your nasty pessimism and mix it up with some pineapple juice and some mint. Add a cherry. I know you get up and go to work, boring, tiring, yet a must-do chore. Add some excitement, make plans, look forward to them. Stay local. Move furniture around, paint a wall with a fun color. Call long forgotten friends, invite them to the movies, for a cup of coffee, for a drink.  Life is out there. Be positive. As least today.